RTÉRSA – Update – May 2023

Greetings All – We’d like to give you an update on the meeting that we’ve had with the RTÉSA Trustees. Following a request from the RTÉRSA to Ms Paula Mullooly, Chair of the RTÉSA, a meeting took place with the Trustees of the RTÉ Superannuation scheme on 19th May 2023.The RTÉRSA was represented by Stephanie … Read more

RTÉRSA – Update – April 2023

Greetings All, I hope all is well with everyone. We’d like to give you an update on the issues we’ve been involved with on the RTÉRSA committee. Demand for pension increase. First and foremost on our agenda is the issue of ensuring we get our pension increase, following the recent pay increase awarded to RTÉ … Read more

Letter to the new (interim) chair of the Trustees, Ms. Paula Mullooly

Ms Paula MulloolyChair of the TrusteesRTÉSAEmail – Paula.Mullooly@rte.ie 30th March 2023 Dear Paula, I hope all is well with you. I’m writing to request a meeting with the RTÉSA Trustees and representatives of the RTÉRSA (RTÉ Retired Staff Association) committee. The two main items we would like to discuss are as follows: Firstly, the RTÉRSA … Read more

Response from Siún Ní Raghallaigh, Chair, RTÉ Board

23 March 2023 Stephanie Fitzpatrick, Chair RTÉ Retired Staff Association By Email: rtersa2018@gmail.com Dear Stephanie, I acknowledge receipt of your submission to the Pensions Authority which has been copied to me and to the members of the RTÉ Board. It is correct to say that RTÉ has sought approval for a regulation change to allow … Read more

RTÉ Sports & Social Club

Eoin Byrne has asked us to let you know that Sports and Social Committee is making good progress on the re-opening of the gym including fitness classes. They hope to be able to update us all soon. If you would like to re-new or become a new member please email them at clubmembership@rte.ie Please spread … Read more

Irish Times

Retired RTÉ staff warn broadcaster over pensions Pensioners write to new chairwoman saying proposal could cost them €40m. BARRY O’HALLORAN RTÉ’s bid to rid of retirement fund expenses could cost its pensioners €40 million, former staff have warned the national broadcaster. The State company plans to appeal a Government refusal to allow it change the … Read more

RTÉRSA letter to Chair, RTÉ Board.

RTE RETIRED STAFF ASSOCIATION rtersa2018@gmail.com www.rtersa.ie 9th January 2023 Dear Ms Ní Raghallaigh I am writing to you on behalf of our members who at our 2022 AGM unanimously expressed dismay that the Board of RTÉ would write to the government and ask them to wipe out the surplus on the RTÉ pension scheme to … Read more

January 2023

Your committee has been working away on your behalf. Your response to requests of email addresses has been very good although we still have a fair number of empty spaces in the database. The main issue facing us at present is RTÉs demand that the pensioners should carry the administration costs of the scheme. This … Read more

Chairperson to Minister re RTÉ application to transfer management costs to Superannuation.

RTE RETIRED STAFF ASSOCIATION rtersa2018@gmail.com www.rtersa.ie August 14th 2022 Dear Minister The members of the RTÉ Retired Staff Association (RTERSA) were pleased to note the decision by your Department and DPER not “to approve the proposal to transfer all the operational expenses incurred by the scheme from RTÉ to the scheme itself bearing in mind … Read more