Overview RTE Superannuation Scheme Nov 2019

RTE pensioners do not qualify for the old age pension. The RTE pension is the only pension they have. It has not increased since 2008. Over 20% of RTE pensioners receive less that the state old age pension. The state pension has increased by 16% since 2008. The National Pensions Framework was published almost 10 years ago … Read more

RTE Response to Mark Paul Irish Times

The letter below, authored by RTÉ’s Chief Financial Officer, Breda O’Keeffe, was published in the Irish Times on Saturday 23rd November in response to an article written by Mark Paul in Friday’s Irish Times, print and online. Dear Editor, I am writing in response to an article by Mark Paul entitled ‘Time to stop hyperventilating about RTÉ’s finances … Read more

Mark Paul on RTE Financial situation

Irish Times 22nd Nov 2019 Time to stop hyperventilating about RTÉ’s finances and take calm decisions Caveat: No matter what its management says, RTÉ seems to be fishing for State bailout RTÉ director general Dee Forbes’s recent PR campaign to jolt the public and politicians into worrying about the broadcaster’s financial future is, by far, … Read more

Important. We need your support. Now.

I have just uploaded a new Policy document agreed with all the other Retired Staff Semi State Associations – RSSA. To promote and sell this to public representatives we have to be seen to collectively represent a formidable body of voters. RTE, ESB, Coillte, CIE, BnaM etc It is simply not a runner to ask … Read more

November 2019 Update

The RSSA committee agreed on the final draft of our policy document which we are presenting to as many political representatives as possible. It takes the form of a PowerPoint and the script is enclosed. We had the opportunity to present it to a meeting in Dail Eireann to a number of TDs and their … Read more