Visiting RTE

Those of you who have occasion to visit the mothership in Donnybrook please be aware that the layout has changed recently. Specifically, you now need an active co-tag to enter any car parking space. I also understand that retiree co-tags will no longer allow access to the buildings, only to the car parks.

October Committee meeting

Main point of discussion was the delay in Government response to increase request. The Scheme’s Actuarial Report in 2017 provided for annual increases of 2.25% each year commencing in 2018.In April 2018 the trustees recommended to RTÉ that they should seek Ministerial approval for an increase, as there had not been an increase in 10 … Read more

Legal Advice

We have had a number of meetings with Mathesons in regard to legacy issues about which your Committee sought the best legal advice. This has now been completed after a number of meetings with all available documentation supplied. Matheson’s first final report stated their was no case to answer. Two Committee members were unhappy with … Read more

AGM May 9th report Talbot Hotel Stillorgan

Sorry about the delay in reporting on the AGM. Problem is that the website is a one man band and the band has other tunes to play. First my apologies for the the notice which said it would last from noon to 4pm! That did nothing to encourage hesitant persons of a delicate disposition.  Thank … Read more

AGM May 9th 2019

Thanks to all who attended the AGM despite the weather. I hope you found it as informative as we intended. I would ask you to spread the word re this website. Without wholehearted support we are not going to progress. Here is the document the Semi-State group use a “calling card” as requested. Dear Deputy/Senator, … Read more

Joint demands re new pension legislation

Semi State Retired Staff Group Summary of Points necessary in the Legislation concerning funds owned by members of Semi State Defined Benefit Pension schemes. (Contrary to the recent statement in Dail Eireann, these are not Private Pension Schemes. They have all been operated under Ministerial control). Legislation is necessary to provide, on a statutory basis, … Read more

Role of Trustees

A number of members have asked about the role of trustees and this is an excerpt from the Pension Authority guidelines. DC Code – Conflicts of interest. Trustees should be able to demonstrate that they effectively manage conflicts of interest. The trustee’s duty first and foremost is to act in the best interests of their … Read more