Important. We need your support. Now.

I have just uploaded a new Policy document agreed with all the other Retired Staff Semi State Associations – RSSA. To promote and sell this to public representatives we have to be seen to collectively represent a formidable body of voters. RTE, ESB, Coillte, CIE, BnaM etc

It is simply not a runner to ask you all to march on the Dail. The ESB has done so and I was there as Chair of the RSSA Group. Very useful contact with a variety of TDs resulted.

We know that not everyone can march to the Dail so we need to collect a comprehensive list of electronic signatures – emails – as an alternative.

The RTÉ Retired Staff Association has a problem. It is exceptionally difficult to obtain an up to date head count of our members. RTÉ has a list but they say that they cannot share it – the dreaded GDRP Data Protection business. We cannot continue to function as a representative body without a fairly complete record of who and where you are.

The issues which we seek to address will affect YOU. You can contribute very simply as follows. Email us your name and address to:

If you have ex RTE friends who have no email they can post a note to us at:

PO Box  12250  Dublin 16

I cannot overstate how important this is so please do it now.

Thank you

Tony O’Connor Chair RTERSA

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