Letter to Taoiseach

For some time now we have been working with a wider group of Semi State Retired Staff Associations to put pressure on Government to address the wide range of issues which affect us all. While there are differences between us in terms of legislation, conditions etc, we have much more in common. Consequently we have continued to attempt to bring more people into the fold and with considerable success. The important business of conducting this new overall group, we agreed, would best be managed by a “third party” and in this case the ready made solution lies in the Senior Citizen’s Parliament under its CEO Sue Shaw. She does a very good job of Chairing the Zoom meetings, enthusing, suggesting and organising.

The Government happily did not reject the Brid Smith Bill (see earlier Post) which was initiated as a result of our representations in the Dail. The Bill represents a start in seeking to have legal representation for retired people. (Our own respective Superannuation Schemes do not recognise us, the Retired Staff Associations, as having any legal standing!) While the Government did not reject the Bill, they did put the whole matter on the long finger with a promise to consult with interested parties. So what is happening? Queries to Minister Varadkar have gone unanswered so we have now written to the Taoiseach.