Articles of Association

1. The name of the association shall be the RTE Retired Staff Association

2. The Association shall be composed of

  1. All members of the RTE Superannuation Scheme who are in receipt of a pension from the Superannuation Fund.
  2. The surviving spouses of such members
  3. The surviving spouses of the RTE Superannuation Scheme who died in the service of RTE

3. Membership of the Association shall be automatic and shall continue unless and until a member notifies the Hon. Secretary of his or her intention not to remain a member.

4. The object of the Association shall be the advancement of the welfare and the social and financial interests of its members.

5. The Association shall be governed by a committee consisting of Chairperson, Vice-Chair, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Secretary (the officers) and five ordinary members.

 The Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting by those preset at the meeting. On the completion of the election, two of its members shall be designated Trustees for the purposes of these articles by a majority vote of all present and voting at the AGM.

6. The committee may, at its discretion, co-opt up to three members to fill vacancies arising in the committee during the year.

7. Should the office of Chairperson become vacant the vice chairman shall automatically become chairman for the unexpired portion of the term of office. Any other vacancy for an officer or writing during the year shall be filled by the committee.

8. The committee shall be empowered to pay all expenses properly incurred in conducting the affairs of the Association and within the associations financial resources to fix and pay honoraria as appropriate.

9. A quorum shall be deemed to be in session at meetings of the Association of 10 members including members of the committee her present. No business shall be transacted in the absence of a quorum.

10. All questions arising at a meeting of the Association and or the committee shall be decided by a majority of votes. In the event of any quality of votes on any emotion or resolution the result may be determined by the casting vote of the Chairperson.

11. The Annual General Meeting  (AGM) of the Association shall take place each year during the month of May on a date to be decided by the committee. Notification of the time and place of the annual general meeting and of any extra ordinary general meeting shall be posted to all members not less than 10 days in advance of such meeting.

12. At each AGM officers and other members of the committee including any co-opted members shall retire but maybe proposed for re-election.

13. The treasurer shall keep such accounts of the financial affairs of the Association as are sufficient to give a true and fair view of the state of the associations finances.

14. The annual accounts of the Association which have been prepared and signed by the treasurer, shall be verified and signed accordingly by the trustees before they are presented to the members at the AGM.

15. The financial year of the Association shall commence on the 1st of April each year and end on the 31st of March of the following year.

16. An annual contribution of  €2, or such amount as may be determined by an AGM, shall be payable by all members. This contribution shall be deducted from the pension payment for the month of July each year by arrangement with the Manager of the RTE Superannuation Scheme who shall pay the monies thus deducted into the bank account of the Association.

17. All the monies received by the Association by way of members contributions or otherwise shall be lodged in the joint names of the trustees (or any two nominated officers of the Association) in a bank account approved by the Association. All monies for expenses or other outgoings as approved by the committee from time to time shall be drawn as required from the said account by the trustees (or the two aforementioned nominated officers).

18. These articles of association have been adopted at an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Association held on the 14th day of October 1991 and amended by the insertion of new articles 13,14 and 15 at an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Association held on the 25th of May 1994