October Committee meeting

Main point of discussion was the delay in Government response to increase request.

The Scheme’s Actuarial Report in 2017 provided for annual increases of 2.25% each year commencing in 2018.
In April 2018 the trustees recommended to RTÉ that they should seek Ministerial approval for an increase, as there had not been an increase in 10 years.

• RTÉ has no role to play in the award of pension increases under the Rules of the Scheme as this is solely within the power of the Minister for Finance. (Regulation 85 of the pension scheme provides that an increase must be authorised by the Minister for Finance.)

RTÉ decided to ask for an increase of only 1%.

The Pensioners Association have lobbied Ministers and the All Party Committee on Social Welfare – pointing out that our members;

  • do not qualify for the contributory old age pension which has increased by 16.3%(from €209 to €243) since 2008
  • in the same period there have been no increases in RTE pensions which have actually decreased by 2.5% arising from the government imposed pension levy.
  • almost one fifth of RTE pensioners are on a similar income to those on the oldage pension (circa €12,000). One third of all pensions are less than €20,000 and almost nine tenths are less than the average industrial wage. In spite of several communications from RTÉ and the trustees, pointing out the healthy state of the RTE pension scheme, no approval had been forthcoming from the Government after 18 months.Given the age profile of our membership and the inherent justification for such a modest increase, such a delay can only be described as incomprehensible and inexcusable – a fact that is worth repeating to all TDs in your area.(Bear in mind that the financial state of the Superannuation Scheme has no relationship whatsoever to any perceived limitations in RTE’s finances.)

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