RTÉRSA Update – December 2023

Greetings All – We’d like to brief you on what’s been happening this month.

  1. Pension increase!

The Trustees of the Superannuation Scheme have received written confirmation that a 2.5% pension increase, backdated to January 2022, has been approved by Minister Paschal Donohoe.
(We are unsure when this will be reflected in our pensions, but we’ll post the date on the website once we know).

A 4% pension increase, backdated to Jan ’23, was requested by the Trustees a few months ago. This is still under discussion with RTÉ, NewERA and Minister Catherine Martin’s Department, TCAGSM. If it clears those hurdles, it then needs to go to Minister Paschal Donohoe’s Department, DPER, for final sign off.

  1. Lobbying your politicians

Our thanks to all of you who’ve been writing to your politicians – there’s no doubt that this has been extremely helpful in raising awareness and has helped to secure our recent increase.

The next battle is to ensure that the 4% pension increase (see above), is approved as soon as possible!!

We will be organising a pre-election lobbying campaign in the New Year unless the approval comes through from Minister Paschal Donohoe’s office soon.

By way of preparation, we’d encourage you to get in contact with other RTÉ superannuation scheme pensioners in your area to organise into groups.

As an example, just before the recent increase of 2.5% was signed off by Paschal Donohoe’s office, an ad hoc group of RTÉRSA members in Cork, having consulted with the RTÉRSA committee, organised themselves to support our campaign for a pension increase.

They’ve given us some valuable notes on how they organised their campaign (see Appendix below).
This experience may be of use to other members both in Dublin and in the regions.

If you’ve any questions on this, please email rtersa2018@gmail.com.

  1. Admin Costs Battle

We are aware that Minister Catherine Martin has just recently made the unprecedented recommendation that RTÉ be allowed to transfer certain ongoing administration costs to the RTÉ Superannuation pension fund. The fact that it is proposed to use the assets of the RTÉ pension fund to solve RTÉ’s financial crisis is quite frankly astounding.

On 6th September 2022, Minister Catherine Martin wrote to our association, saying that in the event that RTÉ appealed her previous decision not to grant this request, “consideration would be given to the need to protect the interests of the members as well as the overall sustainability of the Scheme” We fail to see how the precedent that would now be set could possibly be in the interests of protecting our members or indeed in the interests of the overall sustainability of the scheme.

What precedent does this proposal create? What are the implications for other Semi State pension funds?

We are presently working a strategy against this and will keep you informed of any progress.

  1. Staff Pension Group, RTÉ Superannuation Scheme

Many of you may already be aware of this, but FYI, some RTÉ Superannuation scheme members who are still employees have formed a group – the Staff Pension Group, RTE Superannuation Scheme. The Chair is Michael Broughton. They’ve also been lobbying politicians and others about similar issues that are of concern to us. It’s great to have this extra pressure and another voice to ensure that that our issues are heard.

  1. Emails

Not all are getting through – some emails go to spam/junk mail folders when they are from a list– if any of your friends are not receiving them, please ask them to check their spam folders. If that doesn’t work, please send an email to rtersa2018@gmail.com.

Nollaig Shona Daoibh!

May we take this opportunity to wish you all a Peaceful and a Happy Christmas 2023


RTE Cork and Southern Region retired staff formed an ad hoc group to support the RSA campaign for an increase in pension payments.

The group included former Cork Studios/Transmitters technical and journalistic staff – Eamonn Galvin, Cork Studios Radio Technical; Jerry Daly, Mullaghanish/Spur Hill; Olan O’Brien, News Cameraman; Tom MacSweeney, Southern/Marine Correspondent. The group held a number of meetings and decided to focus their representations on the three senior Government Coalition Ministers resident in Cork – Micheál Martin, Tanaiste and Minister for Defence; Michael McGrath, Minister for Finance; Simon Coveney, Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment and also the Cathaoirleach of Seanad Eireann, Senator Jerry Buttimer, who is also a Cork resident.

In discussion with the RSA Chair and Committee a letter was drafted, representing the RSA case for a pension increase as outlined by the RSA.
This was signed by the four members of the group. Retired staff in Cork/Southern Region were individually contacted, briefed on the letter. Nineteen (19) known retirees in the area approved it and their names were added to the letter. Contact/phone numbers for the group of four were included on the letter, which indicated that they would be available to meet and discuss further, if wished.

On Thursday, November 23, Olan O’Brien and Tom MacSweeney delivered the letter by hand to the Constituency Offices of Mr.Martin at Evergreen Road, Cork and those of Mr.Coveney and Mr.McGrath in Carrigaline, Co.Cork. At each office they were met by staff who were given a short briefing about the reason for the letter, its contents and the issue affecting pensioner/retirees.It was emphasised that the issue had nothing to do with the current difficulties of RTE and that it would not involve any cost to the Government, nor any impact on RTE finances. They were well received, the points made were noted and assurances given that the – personally addressed – letters would be handed to the three Ministers.

Senator Buttimer does not have an office in Cork. The letter to him was delivered by registered post, with an Email sent to him before it was posted, advising that the letter had been posted to him at the Seanad.

A ‘cover note’ was appended to the letter which said:


We are members of the RTE Retired Staff Association and are seeking your help in a matter which, to resolve, does not have any imposition on or request for Government funding, nor does it have any impact on the current RTE funding situation.

It requires Government/Ministerial approval for which your assistance would be very much appreciated.

We welcome Government commitment announced to RTE’s future and ask that commitment also be given to the long-running problem which we explain in the attached letter.

Email address for RTÉRSA – rtersa2018@gmail.com