Useful information for all Credit Union members

RTÉ Credit Union has an important provision that allows its members ease the financial path for those closest to them after they’ve died.

Members may nominate one or more individuals to receive the balance in their accounts after death, up to a limit of €23,000.

This money is made available straight away and is not subject to probate.

It is essential, however, that the member has completed a Nomination of Beneficiary Form. The form is attached below.

For those who have already filled in the form, maybe many years ago, it’s important to check that it is up to date.

Life Savings Insurance

The Credit Union has details on its website of Life Savings Insurance for eligible members.

Depending on your age and how much you’ve saved over the years, Life Savings Insurance could provide your dependents with up to €12,700 on your death.

Here’s a link for more details

Nomination Beneficiary Form

Thanks to Linda Sherlock and Karen Tiernan for their help on this.
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